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Kenya Visas

Kenya Travel Advisories
On December 28, 2010, The United States Department of State issued a Travel Warning for persons considering travel to Kenya. There is no posted expiration date for this Travel Warning. To read the Travel Warning in entirety, please go to

Immunization Requirements:

Please see the Center for Disease Control for the current immunization requirements for travel abroad. Be sure to click on all countries to which you are traveling to review the immunization requirements for each.

Kenya Visa Application

We specialize in expediting your visa application. We work directly with the Kenyan Embassy to ensure that your paperwork is correctly and rapidly filed.

Kenya Visa Application for Tourism and Business

If a person tries to enter Kenya without the proper paperwork they are subject to immediate deportation in addition to substantial fines. Only a few specific items are needed in order to complete your Kenya visa application. A valid passport, accompanied by the application, a passport photograph, a travel itinerary and the required fees are the basic requirements; some applications will require additional forms.

We offer an easy to use online application to get the process started. With years of experience in the industry, our specialists can answer any of your questions through our toll free number.