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A Briggs secures expedited US Passports as quickly as 24 hours. New Passports, Renewal, Children’s, Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport, and more. Passport Services.

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The A Briggs Visa Service specializes in expedited international tourist visas and business visas:

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A Briggs provides authentication expediting services to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals on documents that will be used internationally.
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Welcome to A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors

Here at A Briggs, we secure expedited passports and travel visas for international travelers every day. That's all we do and we do it very well.

A Briggs works with the U.S. Passport Agency and foreign embassies and consulates to secure passports and travel visas as quickly as 24 hours.

When you call A Briggs, you’ll be answered by a real person with real passport and visa expertise ready to serve you. At A Briggs we like our staff to be happy and comfortable while they negotiate the stressful red tape involved in securing your passport or visa as quickly as possible. It's the least we can do and it’s working. It’s no coincidence that in 2007 A Briggs was selected “Best Place to Work in Greater Washington, DC” by the Washington Business Journal.

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve been quoted in the The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune, Travel Pulse, Travel Agent, and many others. In October 2007, A Briggs scored the highest out of 5 passport expeditors independently tested by Travel and Leisure Magazine. The respected calls A Briggs the “Nation’s Top Visa Specialists.”

We might have a casual dress policy, but there’s nothing casual about the quality of our services. Our passport and visa specialists answer 95% of all calls live within three rings and there are no recorded messages. Clients may also email or chat live with one of our team members.

Our headquarters are in downtown Washington, D.C., just minutes from all embassies and the passport agency. We also have client service centers in Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle as well as processing centers throughout the country. A Briggs is also an active member of ASTA-the American Society of Travel Agents, the National Business Travel Association, and the U.S. Tour Operations Association.

If you need help obtaining a new or replacement passport or a travel visa, call one of our friendly customer representatives toll-free on 1-800-806-0581 or order your passport securely online.

A Briggs is a leader in points-based visas required for students wishing to study in the UK. Richmond, The American International University in London, recommends A Briggs Expeditors as their exclusive UK points-based visa processor. Nicholas Atkinson, Director of U.S. Admissions, says, "A Briggs has been an exceptional asset when assisting our incoming U.S. students with their required visas to study in the UK. U.S. students are drawn to the University's strong educational reputation and A Briggs's help has been invaluable when arranging for the necessary visas for these students to study at Richmond."

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